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Upcoming Events 


July 31

Msgr. Schmit CYO Athletic Complex

August 10
St. Ursula Academy Begins 

August 27
Community Update (Sisters Only)
2:00 p.m.

August 27
Sisters and Associates Picnic
Ursuline Center

September 7
Maumee Bay Picnic
Sisters and Associates - 5:00 p.m.

September 10
TAANG Retreat - Sylvania

September 11
Community Day - Sr. Mary Jo Nelson, OLVM
Contemplative Process for the Future

September 17
Community Update (Sisters Only)

September 18
60th and 65th Jubilee Celebration

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August Reflection  

“Put all your zeal and strength into carrying out your duty…”
Prologue to the Legacies

St. Angela’s life teaches us that “our duty” is our ministry, not just a job. It is the attitude of service, commitment, and willingness to meet the needs of those who come before us that makes the difference. It is the time, effort and caring that goes into our planning, our projects, our lessons, our encounters that lead us to looking at what we do with new eyes.

 St. Angela also shows us by her example that what we do is secondary to the people we serve. We need to keep before us the individual persons we meet each day in various circumstances. Each person is a child of God and deserves our respect and kindness. Our way of being present is of utmost importance.

 The strength we need to move forward is always at the hand of God – ask for it when the days seem tough. We don’t have to lose our zeal or enthusiasm for life. God will provide!

Ursuline Convocation Pictures

Posted 7/27/2016

Coming together to celebrate the spirit and charism of the Ursulines founder, St. Angela Merici, over 180 Sisters, Associates and co-workers met in Louisville, KY July 7  - 10.

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Meeting Needs of People of Appalachia

Posted 7/26/2016

My friend, Ann Hook, is an Associate with the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM). 

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50th Jubilee Celebration Pictures

Posted 7/26/2016

Celebrating Faithfulness to God’s Call 50 years ago, (L - R) Sister Donna, Sister Carol and Sister Nelda joined with their Community and Associates to renew their commitment of poverty, celibacy and obedience.

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Nuns on the Bus in Toledo

Posted 7/26/2016

Close to 100 participants greeted and welcomed the Nuns on the Bus at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 16.

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Volunteers in Action

Posted 7/24/2016

Associate Janet Ellzey enjoys doing volunteer work outside and helping children.

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Toledo Area Women Religious Unite on Statement of Civil Discourse

Posted 7/12/2016

In his address to the U.S. Congress last September, Pope Francis invited members of Congress to promote respect for the dignity of every human person and to renew their commitment to a spirit of cooperation.

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 As we grow in our skills at forgiveness, we will learn to accept that people will hurt us all through life.  The key is this: forgive immediately!   Simple words of forgiveness are the best.  When you feel hurt, then pray for that person and forgive immediately. And if you have caused the hurt, ask for forgiveness.

REFLECT:  Whom have you forgiven?  Who has forgiven you?  Where has forgiveness been withheld in your life, either by you or others?


Treasure in the Archives


Traditional belief is that these are first class relics, bones from the followers of St. Ursula
when they were attacked by the Huns at the site of Cologne, Germany. The large bone is believed to be that of St. Apollinarius. These relics, authenticated in Rome in June, 1884,
were the gift of Bishop Gilmour to the Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart, Toledo, Ohio.