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Upcoming Events 

September 17
Community Update (Sisters Only)

September 18
60th and 65th Jubilee Celebration

September 22
Fall Prevention Day at Ursuline Center

September 24 (moved to Dec. 3)
Reflection - My Favorite Things
Presenter - Sr. Mary Jo Szpila, SND

September 30 - October 3
Ursuline Center Fall Retreat
Rev. James O'Connor

October 1
Fall Festival - Ursuline Center
10:00 - Noon

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September Reflection  


“As (God) has given you this charge, so (God) will give you also the strength to be able to carry it out…”
St. Angela - Prologue to the Counsels



 We look for people who have similar interests and knowledge of the charge that we have been given. We look for people who know us; we look for people who may have resources to help us, people whose backgrounds can provide some answers or solutions.

 A source of strength we often forget or overlook is God. God may ultimately lead us to the right people who can provide us with a different perspective and a clearer outlook.

 Being open to all possibilities is being open to the spirit of God at work in us. Let us not be afraid to put our trust in God first and see where the Spirit leads.


Sister Sandy Sherman Highlighted in "Sister to All" National Public Awareness Campaign

Posted 9/6/2016

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation recently announced the results of a recent market research study that shows that Catholic Sisters, while highly respected, remain a mystery to most Americans.

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National LCWR Assembly in Atlanta, GA

Posted 9/5/2016

Leadership of LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) met in Atlanta, GA August 9 - 12, 2016

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Jubilarians Celebrate 60 and 65 Years

Posted 9/5/2016

On September 18, 2016, five Ursuline Sisters will celebrate their commitment to God and the Ursuline Community.

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Volunteers in Action

Posted 9/5/2016

Sister Regina Smith  says she receives much more than she gives in her volunteer ministry in her parish and to the elderly.

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Pastoral Care for Ursuline Center Residents

Posted 9/1/2016

Sister Mary Jo Szpila, SND provides pastoral care to the residents of the Ursuline Center.

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Fall Prevention Day at Ursuline Center

Posted 9/1/2016

The “10 Million Steps” Falls Prevention Event will be held at the Ursuline Center will be held on September 22, 2016 at 1 p.m.

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Rosamond O'Connor
Johannesburg, South AfricaRosamond O'Connor Johannesburg, South Africa





Comfort the Sorrowful and Pray Unceasingly

In our lives sadness and sorrow, difficulty and affliction, will all come our way. It's part of being human. Mercy moves us to pay attention to those around us. Mercy moves us to reach out to people who are in need of comfort.

REFLECT:  What blessings have you seen come from suffering? As you share about this with others, take the time to consider how God brought lifer from death, love out of hate, and light out of darkness.


Treasure in the Archives



These two footstools came from Bouogue-sur-Mer, France, the original Motherhouse of the Ursulines.  who came to Cleveland in 1850.  There was no central heating in French monasteries, hence, the nuns were given special footstools to keep their feet off the cold floors.  These two foot stools were given to the nuns sent from Cleveland to make the Toledo Ursuline Foundation and were used by the superiors in the Convent on Cherry Street.