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Upcoming Events

February 6
Closing of the Year of Consecrated Life

February 10
Ash Wednesday Liturgy - 11:15 a.m.

February 13
Lynn Jarrell, OSU  
Nancy Reynolds, SP

February 20
Community Meeting

February 27
Associate Gathering - 1 - 3 p.m.

March 4 - 5
24 Hours for the Lord

March 11
Lenten Penance Service - 1:15 p.m.

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February Reflection  

“I ask you to take all your daughters into account, having each and every one deeply fixed in your hearts and minds”

St. Angela – 2nd Legacy

When we look around us, we often will find a face in the room or crowd that looks somewhat disengaged – almost lost.  If this happens too often, seeing the same face with the same look, we are tempted to draw the conclusion that s/he is bored or shy or not interested. 

In reality, if we ourselves would invite one such person into conversation, we might very well find that s/he is soaking in everything that is being said and is very much into what is happening.  It just doesn’t show on the outside.  Once we move into engaging this person, one on one, we see that there is interest and even commitment for what is occurring. 

Each person has a unique way of becoming involved in something and it may not always be in a “splashy” sort of way.  Some people operate with more reserve, are less demonstrative, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t listening or aren’t interested.

Caring for the individual as a unique person is one of St. Angela’s values we need to embody.   “…have everyone deeply fixed in your hearts and minds.”



Reflections on Pope Francis's encyclical "Laudato Si"

Posted 2/4/2016

Sisters and Associates were asked to reflect on a quote form the encyclical "Laudato Si" (On Care for Our Common Home).

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Volunteering adds JOY to my life

Posted 2/4/2016

To see what JOY is added to this Sister's life read on.

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Closing of Year of Consecrated Life

Posted 2/4/2016

The Toledo Diocese will have a closing Mass for the year of Consecrated Life on February 6, 2016.

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Treasure in the Archives - Signals (Clickers)

Posted 2/3/2016

The “clicker” or SIGNAL as it was known by the Sisters who used it, was part of the equipment given to each Ursuline as she began her career in the classroom.

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Year of Mercy - 24 Hours for the Lord

Posted 2/2/2016

 “24 Hours for the Lord” is a one-time event inaugurated by Pope Francis and is held during the third week of Lent.

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Prayer to End Human Trafficking

Posted 2/2/2016

 On January 19, 2016, approximately 75 people attended the Human Trafficking Prayer Service at the Ursuline Center planned by a small committee from St. Ursula Academy.

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New Associates Embrace the Spirit of Angela Merici

Posted 2/2/2016

On the feast day celebration of Angela Merici, Sunday, January 24, 2016, three new Ursuline Associates committed themselves to follow the spirit and charism of St. Angela.

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