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Upcoming Events

June 3
Feast of the Sacred Heart

June 4
Input and/or Updates
for Sisters only
10 a.m. - Noon

June 5
Father Ric Saelzler celebrates 40th Anniversary of Ordination

June 5
World Environment Day

June 9 - 10
Assembly Days

June 12
World Day Against Child Labor

June 20
World Refugee Day

June 23 - 24
Garage Sale at Ursuline Center

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June Reflection  


“Say that I want them to give good example wherever they are…seeking to spread peace and harmony.”
St. Angela - 5th Counsel

It amazes me sometimes when I realize how easy it can be to spread peace and harmony right where I am. So many people are in need of quieter moments, a stilled heart, and balance of work, play and prayer. Even to see a kind face, a smile meant just for them, or someone to give them the time of day – what better way to spread God’s peace!

When we look at nature, we can learn so much from such harmony in color, variety, design, and beauty. Even among all the weeds there is beauty in the wild flowers, the dandelions, berries and thorns. Isn’t that what we experience in life? The next time you find yourself in a situation that might be uncomfortable or awkward, make a conscious effort to find a way to bring a sense of peace. Leave the experience with a quieter heart.


Archives Treasure of the Month

Posted 6/5/2016

On November 21, 1860, Mother des Seraphim, Superior, and one of the first Sisters to come to Toledo from Cleveland, started a tradition. 

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Sister Rita Mae's One Busy Woman

Posted 6/5/2016

Sister Rita Mae Johns volunteer time is focused primarily within her parish of St. Joseph, Tiffin, Ohio

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Ladato Si Reflection - June

Posted 6/2/2016

 Laudato Si calls us to reflect on our relationship with the world we live in.

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North American Ursuline Convocation

Posted 6/2/2016

Gathering in Louisville, KY, Ursuline Sisters, Associates and Friends of the Ursulines will meet July 7 – 10.

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Toledo Women Religious Adopt Resolution at LCWR Region 6 Conference

Posted 6/2/2016

 The Sisters of LCWR Region 6 passed a resolution at their April 24 - 26 meeting in Cincinnati calling for ecological conversion responding to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. 

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Angela Statue at Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY Angela Statue at Bellarmine University Louisville, KY


 Such parental teaching extends well beyond religious instruction into all of life….  These “lessons on life” are not taught like lessons on spelling and arithmetic are. These lessons are taught by example and osmosis. So when parents live an authentic and convincing Christian life in all these dimensions – and teach their children to follow – they are also practicing this work of mercy.

REFLECT:  Who have your teachers been? Whom do you teach?  What do you teach them?