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Jubilee Celebration
May 20

Maumee Bay Picnic
May 20

Governance Committee Meeting
May 23

Musical Dinner Cruise aboard the Sandpiper
June 17

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May Reflection 


“Take care that you do not grow lukewarm…”
St. Angela – Last Legacy


“All around us is vibrancy and energy.”
Zander and Zander – The Art of Possibility 

Energy = Possibility 

Energy is all around us, both positive and negative. Just ask any Physics or Science teacher. We all can recognize a room full of positive energy and we know how we feel when we are part of that experience. We also know how we feel when we are around negative people too long. Our energy level is zapped; we feel depressed; our spirits are down. 

Energy, whether positive or negative, is very powerful and we need to be aware of how we use our energy and use it to our advantage so that it is constructive, effective, and appreciated. Once we move into a “lukewarm” mode nothing seems to happen; there is no progress, and our attitude becomes lazy. 

Be passionate about what you do and who you are! Life is more exciting and inviting when we are perceived as enjoying what we do. Have a good attitude toward life, a hope-filled heart. We always have the option of choosing what is more life-giving. Try not to say “I don’t care.” That’s being “wishy-washy”; that’s being lukewarm. We can choose how we want to feel. No one can change you – only you can change yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and risk being known as one who always has a positive attitude. “Take care that you do not grow lukewarm…”  St. Angela






What Does It Take to Celebrate a Liturgy?

Posted 5/13/2015

The Eucharistic Liturgy is the central liturgical service of the Catholic Church.  The Ursuline Center is fortunate to offer liturgy six days a week, Sunday through Friday. 

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Ursuline Center Ranks High in Family Satisfaction Survey

Posted 5/13/2015

The Ursuline Center ranks fifth in the state and second in Lucas County in terms of customer satisfaction, according to a 2014 survey conducted by the Ohio Department of Aging. 

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Rahab's Heart News

Posted 5/7/2015

Rahab’s Heart, located in the center of North Toledo, is a resource and recovery home for persons trapped in adult level prostitution.  Read about this ministry to women in need.

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May Crowning at Ursuline Center

Posted 5/7/2015

May 1, 2015, residents at the Ursuline Center, along with guests and Associates, held their annual May Crowning service

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Memory Lane - Sister Mary Clarence Matthews

Posted 5/7/2015

Margaret Mary Matthews was born in Rankin, IL to Thomas J. and Ellen Hynes Matthews on November 3, 1898. She attended both grade and high school at St. Mary’s in Marion, OH.

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Day of Caring with St. Ursula Academy

Posted 5/1/2015

Wednesday, April 29 was the 9th Day of Caring for St. Ursula Academy.  This year Sisters and Associates participated in serving the Toledo area by working with students at Rahab's Heart.

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Year of Consecrated Life - May

Posted 4/29/2015

On November 28, 2014, the Holy See announced that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has provided the opportunity for the Catholic faithful to obtain plenary indulgences during the Year of Consecrated Life, which began November 30, 2014, and extends through February 2, 2016.

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St. Angela

Angela Carving - was part of the Paola, KS MotherhouseAngela Carving - was part of the Paola, KS Motherhouse



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