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Believe, Celebrate and Live the Eucharist

Posted 6/24/2018

In the homily of Msgr. William Kubacki for the Installation of the New Leadership for the Toledo Ursuline Community, he spoke of the Eucharist in terms of this beautiful mystery of our faith. 

 Believe, Celebrate and Live the Eucharist

We are all called to believe, celebrate and life the Eucharist in our our daily lives.

St. Angela only speaks directly of the Eucharist twice in her Rule. St. Angela’s relationship with the Lord was primary in her life and she encouraged others to deepen their own relationship with the Lord.

Sister Karen Klaffenbach, OSU (Paola), now deceased, wrote: “Although Angela rarely mentions the Mass or Holy Communion in her writings, they subtly demonstrate the clear Eucharistic character of her spirituality. The themes which recur again and again in her writings are themes of the Eucharistic liturgy itself: constant prayer, consecration and self-offering, sacrifice, the Passion of Christ, the action of the Holy Spirit, the power of Scripture, and the necessity of unity in love. In other words, Angela’s spirituality is permeated with the spirit of the Eucharist.”

Jesus Christ becomes for St. Angela an example of how we are to be “bread for the world.” We, too, are to take the gift of God’s love and share it with all those who come in and out of our lives. St. Angela is often depicted by artists as carrying bread, as one who serves and nourishes others; she was a nurturing presence and invites us to be the same. Let us reflect on how we believe, celebrate and live the Eucharist in the ways we bring life and nourishment to someone in need? How can we be “Eucharist” for one another?