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February Reflection

Posted 1/31/2017

Eucharist was the center of St. Angela Merici’s life...


... and as her daughters and followers we have been called to have Jesus as our one and only treasure. The reality of today’s world in the Church, tells us that, as central to our lives as the Eucharist is, the shortage of priests challenges us to find Eucharist and be Eucharist for others in different ways.

We are called to be in solidarity with people around the world who have no priests for weeks or months, but who remain faithful to Gospel living and accept God as the center of their lives.

Christ poured out his life for us, thus showing us how to go about being “Eucharist” to one another. Thus, when we find ourselves at the table of the Lord, may we allow our lives to be transformed in such a way that when another person meets us, that person meets Jesus the Lord.