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Sisters Assist Family in Need - 1868

Posted 6/28/2018

Tobin family helped by Sisters

 In 1868, Mother Alphonsus extended a helping hand to little Nellie Tobin, when death claimed the mother while the father was at sea. Mother Lawrence McCaffrey’s father buried Mrs. Tobin and took the three children to his home until their father returned. A number of Toledoans, Protestant and Catholic alike, wanted to adopt the children; but Mother Alphonsus took six year old Nellie and placed the boys with the Grey Nuns. When the father returned, he agreed that Nellie should remain with the Ursulines.

The education of Nellie was truly a systematized drawing out of the best in the child. Mother Alphonsus emphasized the moral and spiritual, as well as the intellectual and physical training of the child.

Not having shown any inclination toward the religious life, Nellie decided after graduation from the Academy to live with her aunt in Terra Haute, Indiana.

It was while staying at the convent after her father’s death that Nellie became acquainted with Mr. Daniel Murphy, Toledo Mortician, and married him in 1888 at St. Francis de Sales Church, with the Rev. Patrick Quigley presiding. Mother Aloysius, Superior, had the nuns prepare Nellie’s trousseau, and furnished her with all that a young lady would receive from her parents for such an occasion.



The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.