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Spring Reflection

Posted 3/25/2018

“The sufferings of this world are as nothing in comparison with the joys of heaven.” (5th Counsel)

The tomb is empty and like Lazarus, we are free and unbound because Our Lord has risen and given us the great gift of hope and eternal life.

The darkness of Lent is now behind us and the dawning of each new day brings us into Resurrection joy. As the stone was rolled away from the tomb, our stony hearts are now free to explore the light and gifts before us as we contemplate what the Lord has done for us through His suffering and death. The joys of heaven that St. Angela speaks about can also be experienced on earth as we become the Easter Alleluia for one another. Easter joy does not have to wait until our days in heaven.

Hope is seen now in the signs of spring, especially as the sprouts of new life break through the leaf-covered ground. The earth once again comes to life and will surround us with the beauty of God’s creation. Hope is seen in the eyes of children who now play outside. Hope is seen in the efforts made by people to bring justice and truth to the suffering. Hope is seen in the energy of those who strive to make life easier for others. Hope is seen in the ways we reach out in charity and love. Hope is seen in the one who prays, and hope is seen in the smile we extend in greeting.

The joys of heaven begin now as we open our hearts to the Resurrection and allow the Lord of Life to come home again.