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Ursuline Benefactor Supported Ursuline Community

Posted 5/21/2018

Mr. Francis X. Pilliod supported the Ursulines in a variety of ways.

A close friend of Father Boff, Mr. Pilliod opened his heart and his purse to Mother Alphonsus and the Ursulines. Many were the receipted bills and statements for fuel and provisions the nuns fell heir to. The Grey Nuns, the clergy, and the parishes were also the beneficiaries of his boundless charity. He also trained his children to give of their own little savings.

When his merchant tenants were unable to meet their monthly rent, Mr. Pilliod would have them sell produce equal to the amount of the rent to the nuns. His wife voiced his own philosophy regarding his wealth when she said, ”God blessed him with wealth and gave him the grace to use it properly; he deserves no credit for that. It is God that is to be praised.” An 1883 assessment revealed that besides donations too numerous to mention, the Pilliod family gave the Ursulines, besides their daughters Caroline and Mary, Sisters Theresa and Evangelista, two houses, two lots and other contributions well over $100,000.

The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.