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April Reflection - From Darkness to Light

Posted 3/29/2019

 "O Lord, enlighten the darkness of my heart" 
(Rule: Prayer of St. Angela)

As we approach the glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, these words of St. Angela echo the very essence of what Easter is about, coming from darkness to light, from the tomb to new life, to hope.

During the season of Lent we have been somewhat entombed in our own world of darkness, with experiences, people, words and actions that have tugged at our souls and drained our energy. Lent often finds us looking deep within responding to God’s invitation to change, repent, and turn our hearts back to all that is good. This time of transformation and conversion is serious and hard work. It is only with the grace and love of God that we move from the tomb of darkness to light.

Joyce Rupp in her book “Out of the Ordinary” says it this way: "Easter is about 'tomb watches.' It is about love that keeps vigil and waits and believes in life, no matter how dark and empty and cold the inner space feels. Easter is about hope that is willing to sit in the tomb while it trusts in transformation. Easter is about faithful companions who keep watch with us and cheer us on as we wait for our inner resurrection."

No matter the kind of Lenten experience we may each have had, the tomb has been emptied, the Lord has risen and the Easter message of hope is to be engraved on our hearts giving us the hope of resurrection in our own lives. The darkness is lifted, the dawn brings new light and our Lord is present among as “Alleluia, Alleluia!”