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Ash Wednesday - February 17 - Lent Begins

Posted 1/31/2021

Lent….the journey to the empty tomb.

Once again I need to get out my road map and find the best way to arrive in the garden with the empty tomb that will announce Jesus’ resurrection. So, will I look for the shortest route, the easiest route, the more scenic route, the route with well paved roads, or will I look for less traveled and dirt roads?

As we approach this Lenten season each of us will choose a road or just allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as we journey with Jesus to the cross and ultimately to the Resurrection.

Being one who enjoys the outdoors, I will most likely be more Spirit led in my journey. It will be the back roads, the detours, the unexpected roadblocks and “no exit” signs or “caution” signs that will place challenges before me. This being the case I will certainly need the grace of God to help me be open to the growth and stretching that is ahead of me. Will I be ready and open to embrace the pain and suffering I might find?

Along the way there will be many tombs to explore…what do I need to let go of in order to allow space in my heart for the walk with Jesus to the cross? How much I want to look upon this journey as if I am a companion to Jesus as he takes each step toward his death on the cross!

May we be companions to one another as we journey, not alone, but with God to the empty tomb. Happy Lent!

(submitted by Sr. Donna Frey, OSU)