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August St. Angela Reflection

Posted 7/24/2018

“…for this wretched and unfaithful world, where there is neither rest, no real satisfaction of any kind, … and all sorts of painful and sordid things.”
Angela Merici – 5th Counsel

Seeing the lives of so many displaced people, the killings, especially civilians, mothers and children, immigrants seeking a new life without fear, strife and struggle, stirs up feelings of anger and frustration as we read or hear the news. News clips of wounded soldiers, buildings bombed beyond recognition, homes leveled, wildfires and hurricanes that destroy human life and leave many crying, frightened families, leads us to ask “What is wrong with our world that we cannot live in peace?”

St. Angela lived at a time when her world was also in chaos and unrest. She experienced the pain, agony and utter despair felt by the people surrounding her. She was limited in what she could do, but she knew that her presence and witness of God’s compassion could lead to healing the hurts. She did what she could to be available to listen, to comfort, to allow someone to cry on her shoulder, or just to hold them. I am sure her prayers at the foot of the cross poured forth pleas for all the pain to stop.

“We have only begun to know the power that is in us if we would join our solitudes in the community of struggle.” (Denise Levertov) Our world is crying out in pain and disaster. We may not be able to physically go where the troubles are arising, but we can work toward creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony around us. We can stand together in prayer, in solitude with the hurting world and find a way for our voices to be heard and somehow speak out for others in need.