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Camp Ladyglen and the Lourdes Shrine - 1931 and 1932

Posted 5/25/2021

Summer camps and Pilgrimages come to Nazareth Hall grounds.

In 1932 a new venture came into being with the opening of a summer camp for boys. Two years later the camp business was expanded to include a girls’ camp to follow that of the boys’.  During these years when young men and women counselors were hired to conduct the recreational activities of the camp, the nuns were directors. Sister Mary Eleanor and Sister Jane Frances directed the boys camp from 1932-1938, when it was closed to allow the entire summer to be given over to the girls. Sisters Margaret Mary, Leonora, Caroline, Patrick, Maura, Jeanne Zoeller, and Jeanne Marie Rowan directed the girls’ camp until it closed in 1975.

Ladyglen also had the distinction of being the site July 5, 1931 of the first pilgrimage to the Lourdes shrine, a gift of the Cochrane family in memory of their daughter, Rita, an Academy student who died several years before. Bishop Alter brought from Rome the privilege of indulgence, and the event became an annual diocesan affair until 1942, when because of gas rationing during World War II, it was discontinued. The grotto was damaged during a 1948 tornado and restored due to the generosity of the Lawrence Kinn family of Fostoria, Ohio, whose boys attended Nazareth Hall. In 1957, Mother John Baptist resumed the pilgrimage which continued until 1968.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.