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Convent Incorporated = 1873

Posted 8/18/2018

The Ursuline Convent incorporated in 1873.


That the Convent schools might enjoy the privileges granted to similar institutes of learning, early in 1873 Bishop Gilmour recommended the Convent take steps toward incorporation.

In the United States, general provisions for the incorporation of religious societies are found at an early date in the laws of the various states, and as a rule all Catholic educational and charitable throughout the United States who have attained any importance or permanence are incorporated. A corporation enables its members to act as a unit, undisturbed by change of members, and it continues as long as the corporation endures.

The Ursulines of Toledo, having complied strictly with the requirements of Section 2 and 3: “An act to enable the trustees of colleges, academies, and other institutions for the purpose of promoting education, to become bodies corporate.” (Passed March 11, 1973), Mother Bridget McCart, Superioress (Mother Alphonsus) transferred by deed, the property received by her in trust to the Ursuline Academy of Toledo. The deed was acknowledged before James J. French, Notary Public June 17, 1873, in volume 77 of deeds, pages 375-376, Lucas County records.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.