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February Reflection - Winter Poetry

Posted 1/29/2019

Sharing winter poetry of Sister Mary Rose Krupp, OSU 


By Sr. Mary Rose Krupp, 1994

The blizzard roars, springs, leaps
Upon a city dulled, driven, tense.
A flick of powered tail it creeps,
A polar bear with ice-pronged teeth,
To shred time’s well-ordered brief.
The beast, nature’s spawn, loudly wails,
In fury brakes bustling traffic,
And stills the shriek of slipping wheels.
Its howling roar sweeps, stuns, swirls
Around our sheltered space.

And then it slowly slips beyond, away,
A cub who seeks another path to play.
It leaves a hush, a passing peace,
A temporary world of calm,
Subdued, sequestered, silenced, still
And not yet ready to move the will,
To resurrect a swift return,
To measure a city frozen in space.    




Winter Scene
By Sr. Mary Rose Krupp

Ancient, old tree towers with dignity
Over the stark wilderness ravine.
Crusty patch-like bark, brave fragile branches,

One commodious but now vacant nest,
Mirror the dignity, the simplicity
Of sturdy old age honoring the past –
A symbol of hope for future seasons.


This ancient tree speaks of age’s wisdom
Assures us of rooted fidelity.
In mid-winter it speaks of coming spring,
Of green glow of April, summer’s emerald
And fall’s fiery leaves blazing glory.
Listen to its call for the birds now gone,
“Return, come to the branches of my heart.”