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Kindergarten - 1879

Posted 1/27/2021

The St. Angela Hall Kindergarten was the first of its kind in Toledo.



In 1879, Mother Amadeus, eager to provide such an experience for preschoolers, set about to engage the services of a prospective teacher with specialized training to implement the project. She found one in Mary Cullen, later Sister Caecilia, an 1878 graduate of the Academy, who spent a year in New York studying the Froebel System under Miss Ellie Coe, originator of the American Kindergarten system. Those who succeeded Sister Caecilia were Sisters Mercedes, St. Pierre, Dorothy Agnes, Leonora, Anacletus, Margaret Ann Carstensen, Mary Jo (Koudelka) and Margaret Wilson.

In it’s more than one hundred years history, the kindergarten has had many mansions. In 1905 it was moved from Cherry Street to the Gerber House on Collingwood. In 1927, a spacious, well-equipped room was part of the new St. Angela Hall. In 1959 when the Academy left the Old West End for Indian Road, Mary Manse College took over the Parkwood Building for administrative offices and classrooms and St. Angela Hall moved to the former Academy. In 1970, when St. Angela Hall’s enrollment necessitated the use of all classroom space, the kindergarten moved to St. Joseph Hall, former college dining room. When Mary Manse College closed in 1975, St. Angela Hall reclaimed its original building, the kindergarten occupying a large lecture room in Augustine Hall.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.