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Mary Manse College - 1922

Posted 10/27/2020

Bishop  Schremb's Asks Ursulines to Open a  Women's College in the Diocese of Toledo

Kathy Palmer Genzman, MMC '63Kathy Palmer Genzman, MMC '63Two months after his installation,  November 1922, Bishop Schrembs called at the Convent and proposed to Mother Scholastica, as superior, that the Ursulines, as the oldest teaching order in the diocese, undertake a work dear to his heart, the founding of a Catholic liberal arts college for women. He said he believed that women had the same right as men to the benefit of higher education. The Bishop’s philosophy of education can be summed up in his own words spoken at the opening Mass of Mary Manse College, September 15, 1922.  “Enlightened young womanhood, cultured after the teaching of the Church, shall become a benediction to mankind.”

At first the nuns were hesitant about assuming such a burden. They were not prepared academically or financially. Buildings would be needed, a faculty provided. They wished, however, to do what the Bishop asked, and after praying and consulting the Community, the Chapter at length decided to undertake the first step in higher education for women in the diocese of Toledo.

The title agreed upon was Mary Manse, meaning house of Mary, suggested by Bishop Stritch.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.