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May Reflection - Have You Seen Jesus?

Posted 5/1/2019

 “The Lord lived, died, and rose from the dead. Now He is on the loose.”

Each of us has been touched by the Resurrection experience in a different way. Have we moved away from the empty tomb? Are we still waiting for Jesus to call our name in the garden? Have we had breakfast with the Lord on the shore? Have we touched the wounds in His side or hands? Are we clinging to the old or have we embraced the new? Are we hiding in an upper room somewhere? Has the darkness been replaced by the light of hope? Where are we now in the Easter journey toward new hope and life?

The Risen Lord is among us to love us and lead us to greater love and compassion toward others. The Risen Lord appears to us in the person we least likely expect or in a word or act of kindness we take for granted. The Risen Lord keeps moving around to keep us alert and challenge us to recognize the gifts of joy and peace He gave us.

The saying above, found in front of a church on Central Avenue a few years ago, reminds us that Jesus is in our midst. When you see Jesus will you recognize Him?