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Mother Amadeus, Educator

Posted 1/30/2019

Mother Amadeus, a woman of deep faith, wide vision, and abundant energy, wished to make the school second to none. 

Art ClassArt Class

To effect this she was fortunate I having the generous assistance of Reverend Frederick Eberschweiler, S.J., chaplain, and the great system of the Jesuits as a background I organizing the classes at the Academy. At his suggestion the nuns imported from Europe charts for astronomy and geology, specimens of minerals, a variety of seeds and plants for botany, and plaster casts of the human organs for physiology.

The curriculum also included classes in English, German, French, history, art, music, the natural sciences, mathematics, cooking, and sewing. The academy structure embraced two departments: elementary and collegiate. The former covered a period of six years, two primary, two intermediate, and two grammar classes. The collegiate department consisted of six classes also to be completed in six years, two preparatory and four collegiate. Perhaps it was this program which prompted the Ohio Department of Education in 1873 to grant the Ursulines a charter giving them the privilege of granting degrees on the highest level.




The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.