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New Associate - Theresa Smith

Posted 12/30/2020

Her Internet search for a friendly spiritual community caused Theresa Smith to request information on becoming a Toledo Ursuline Associate.

We met on the phone on February 9, 2020, continued our monthly conversations, prayers, and discussions of St. Angela and the Toledo Ursulines through spring, summer, and fall, and completed her mentoring process with a tour of the Archives accomplished by phone, emailed photos of artwork at the Ursuline Center, and snail-mailed newspaper articles, documents, and books.

Theresa’s familiarity with St. Angela grew from her daughter’s attending an Ursuline high school in Santa Rosa and her long relationship with a spiritual director who is an Ursuline Sister, now living in St. Louis. For many years, she was a third order Benedictine Camaldolese Oblate, but changes in that community’s attitude toward women prompted her search for another group.

In St. Angela, she found a joyous, gentle Christian woman who created a structure to encourage women to live celibate lives in their homes. About Angela, she says, “I feel like I met my sister.” Married only a short time before her daughter Amy’s birth, she has stayed single and is comfortable with time alone, but appreciates the “connection to people like me” that being an Ursuline Associate gives.

Theresa is a California native, now living in Rohnert Park (near Santa Rosa) and working as a nurse with seniors, on whom she dotes. Most of her family of origin is in San Francisco, but her daughter now lives in Wisconsin. In March, Amy and her husband welcomed Theresa’s first grandchild. When she retires, Theresa expects to answer the call to be close to her grandchild.

During the pandemic, her study of music theory and the cello have helped lift her spirits. She also plays piano.
The formal Commitment Ceremony was by Zoom on December 28, and we hope, time difference and work schedules allowing, to see Theresa occasionally virtually in 2021. She definitely plans on visiting us in Toledo someday.

Submitted by Sarah Abts, mentor for Theresa and currently Associate Coordinator