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Partners in Mission

Posted 8/31/2019

During September we pay tribute to two employees who minister alongside the Ursuline Sisters.

Megan DiCresce joined the Ursuline Center eight years ago as a floor nurse and assumed the Director of Nursing position six years ago. Prior to joining the Ursuline Center, Megan worked at a veterans’ hospital in Wisconsin where she enjoyed serving people who have served others. Joining the Ursuline Center was a perfect fit for Megan, as she says it is an honor and privilege to take care of sisters and priests who have given their lives to serving others.

“The residents and staff of the Ursuline Center are like my second family,” says Megan. “I enjoy being there for them and fulfilling their needs.” She says the many days when she goes home and feels that she has made a difference in someone’s life, helped in a special way or made someone happy are highlights of her career at the Ursuline Center.
Megan and her husband, Tommy, have been married for 11 years. They keep very busy with their three daughters, Faye, 8, Ava, 5, and Gia, 2. The family attends Little Flower Parish and the girls attend St. Benedict School on the parish campus.


Doug Albright joined the Ursuline Convent in 2008 when Sr. Justine Hill needed help in the area of financial services. At the time Doug was self-employed with his bookkeeping business. After the first year he was asked if he would consider working full-time as the Finance Director. Still wanting to keep his bookkeeping business going, Doug and the Council worked out a schedule that benefited both.

“I really appreciate the flexibility with my work schedule,” Doug says. “In addition to working here I run my own bookkeeping business and sometimes my clients need me to attend meetings during the day. When I first started my children were involved in college and high school sports that required a lot of travel to attend games. The Sisters have always been very flexible with me as long as I am able to make sure everything is taken care of.”

Working with Sr. Justine is very memorable for Doug. “She was such a sweet and kind person to work with and had a memory that I tested often. She usually could remember details from the past and that always helped when trying to look something up for former employees.”
When not working, Doug enjoys golfing and riding his bicycle, along with spending time with his children and grandchildren. This summer Doug and his wife rode 110 miles in 3 days along the Great Allegheny Passage (from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD). This was an old railroad track that has been converted to a bike path. He says the scenery was wonderful and the weather was perfect except for a 10 minute downpour during the last 10 miles of the trip. “We are already starting to plan our trip for next summer.”