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Reflection on the Notre Dame Cathedral

Posted 5/1/2019

An Ursuline Sister and an Associate reflect on their visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Many of us listened and watched with great sadness as news spread on April 15, 2019 of the vast fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris that devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church. 

Sr. Mary Alice Henkel reflects, “A photo, taken by an AP photographer, monopolized the front page of The Blade on April 17, 2019. Above the debris and ruins of the fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a cross stood unharmed. Resurrection.

Sarah Abts, Ursuline Associate, wrote, “On a rainy day last December, we were glad to enter Notre Dame’s dark space of prayer and worship that welcomes so many in Paris each day. Tourists and pilgrims walked around the Cathedral’s circumference, stopping in their favorite chapels to pray or learn more of its construction over many centuries. When the rain stopped, the exterior’s faceted designs, gargoyles, and flying buttresses also intrigued us. As with so many churches that have survived to be seen by today’s visitors, fire and reconstruction have visited it before, notably in the 13th century. Major improvements were also made in the 1800s. We are confident that it will be rebuilt and remain an important place of prayer.”