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Secondary Education in Toledo

Posted 7/28/2020

How did Toledo come to a centralized Catholic High School?


Good Shepherd ChurchGood Shepherd Church

There were many “firsts” in the new diocese, one of those being the establishment of a centralized coeducational high school in the Toledo area. In 1864, Father Edward Hannin, built a three story building next to the church to house the parish’s fast growing school population.  From that time St. Patrick’ Academy graduated classes until 1917.

St. Francis de Sales parish held advanced classes in the 1890’s, where Ursulines taught the girls and Christian Brothers the boys.  In the early 1900’s up to and including 1913, Good Shepherd School had a ninth grade curriculum.

To provide an episcopal residence and a Cathedral, Bishop Schrembs in 19 13Rosary CathedralRosary Cathedral purchased property from the Toledo Board of Education o Collingwood Avenue at Islington. Here he built what came to be known as the Cathedral Chapel School.

From this time on it became more and more apparent that the need was present to create a separate parish and to establish a somewhat centralized high school at Cathedral Chapel, where students from other parishes could enroll if they wished.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.