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Silver Jubilee - "Gabriel" arrives

Posted 6/2/2019

Find out where "Gabriel" came from and where "he" is today.


Nazareth Hall Bell TowerNazareth Hall Bell Tower

    “As the journey of time drew closer to the silver chiming, the Community made preparations for the 25th anniversary of its foundation. December 8, 1879, was the date set for a special Mass of Thanksgiving for the many material and spiritual blessings God had given them.

     With no other equipment but their own culture, competence, piety and deep love of God, the nuns made a beginning blessed by poverty and self-sacrifice, the firmest foundation stones. In spite of the first days of partial failure, they believed, with their superior, Mother des Seraphims, that a glorious success would one day crown their humble beginning, and the tree of life planted in the Maumee Valley would one day reach fruition.    

     God did indeed bless their work. The schools prospered; membership increased; additions to old buildings and erection of new ones took care of expansion needs, both for the Convent and the parochial schools that were multiplying fast. At this time, besides their campus schools, the nuns were teaching at St. Francis de Sales, St. Patrick’s, Immaculate Conception and Good Shepherd schools

     One of the many gifts received on this occasion was “Gabriel”, the Convent Angelus bell, the gift of Mother Agnes Gross’s parents. Very fittingly could it peel forth the happiness of the nuns at the arrival of the silver hour. Later the bell was moved from Cherry Street to Nazareth Hall, where the boys school opened in 1928. “

     Today, the bell continues to ring out at the site where Nazareth Hall stands, in Grand Rapids, OH; now used as a site for weddings, receptions, and like activities.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.