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St. Angela Merici Hall Opens

Posted 12/29/2020

St. Ursula Academy's elementary students become first students of St. Angela Merici Hall.

As a first step of the building plan to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Foundation in 1929, Mother Marguerita and the community made provisions for housing the pupils of the elementary division of St. Ursula Academy in a new building on Parkwood Avenue, under the separate title of St. Angela Merici Hall.  Sister Mary Blanche was the first principal.

A statue of St. Angela with the traditional image of teacher had a place of prominence in the entrance to the school, the likeness being a copy of the death mask of the foundress taken when her tomb was opened and the body was found incorrupt. A photograph of the stately Mother Scholastica, beloved former superior of 18 years, served as a model for the Italian artist who produced it.  The child at the Saint’s knee was posed by Rae Marie Chapman, daughter of Kathleen Daly, whose father donated the statue.

Over the Parkwood entrance in stained glass is the traditional coat-of-arms, the original of which was given to the Congregation of Paris by Henry IV, king of France in 1608.


The material quoted here is taken from A Tree in the Valley by Sr. Lelia Mahoney.