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Summer Inherits Spring

Posted 6/28/2019

Our directional statement calls each of us to be a contemplative presence in ways unique to each of us, and the summer months invite us to look at life differently than we did in the spring.

“Living in holy relationship, a contemplative presence in an ever changing world.”

“Summer inherits spring's passionate urge for growth." Taken from The Circle of Life ©2005 Joyce Rupp/Macrina Wiederkehr.

Our stance in prayer before the Lord will help us be open so our hearts can listen to the new sounds of summer, be they outside in nature, or inside our minds and the minds of others. It is a time to soak it all in so that we might learn from what summer teaches us.

Summer is about growth, freshness, rain, sunshine and warmth. We are about gathering all the "light" we can, only to shine brightly as followers and witnesses of Jesus. Being in relationship requires us to take time to learn and understand the other. Springtime passion for growth transitions into summer’s living in a more thoughtful and reflective manner