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Ursulines Welcome New Associates

Posted 5/1/2019

My name is Leonard Polcyn and I was born in Toledo a few months before the United States entered WWII to Chester and Mary Polcyn.

 I have two sisters. My older sister is Sister Mary Marguerite, OSF/S, and my younger sister is Marcia Hintz. I attended St. Hyacinth elementary school and went on to be a member of the first freshman class at St. Francis de Sales.

I am a veteran of the Marine Corps, as well as a retired Toledo Police Officer. My wife, Judy, and I have three children, Andy, Brigitte, and Tim, as well as two grandsons, Avery and Noah. Judy and I belong to Little Flower Parish and have been members there for over 35 years. We also sing in the Parish Funeral Choir and have done so for many years.

My favorite activities are with our two grandsons and visiting railroad museums that have a collection of large locomotives, especially steam.

Judy taught at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns and was on the faculty with several Ursulines. Three of them, Sisters Bernarda, Margaret Manion, and Claudia Holtz, attend Mass at Little Flower. We met them at a restaurant after Mass one Saturday, and they asked us to join them, which we did. We get together for a meal occasionally and mutually enjoy each other’s company. As a result, Sr. Bernarda approached us and asked if we would consider becoming Ursuline Associates. After much consideration, we did and are now Associates.

I am Judy (Kajtaniak) Polcyn, born and raised here in Toledo, Ohio, the only child of Anthony and Pearl Kajtaniak. My education consisted of St. Hyacinth Elementary School (OSF/S), Central Catholic High School, and Mary Manse College.

My husband, Leonard, and I have been married almost 43 years. We have three children – Andrew, Brigitte, and Timothy; son-in-law, Scott, and two grandsons Avery (10) and Noah (5). We have been members of Little Flower Parish for over 35 years, and sing in the funeral choir.

My interests include spending time with our grandsons, reading, and traveling. On a trip to Europe in 1975 I was fortunate to visit the Vatican and visit and attend Mass at Notre Dame. Recently, I’ve been to Alaska and on a cruise to Hawaii. My husband does not care to fly or cruise, so I went with relatives.

My relationship with the Ursulines began at Central Catholic with my English teachers, among them Sister Marie Celine, a wonderful person and an excellent English teacher. When I entered Mary Manse my opinion of the Ursulines changed. My time there was not pleasant. However, it all turned out fine in the end. I was assigned to St. Patrick of Heatherdowns to do my student teaching. After finishing, Sister Gregory offered me a teaching position for the following year, which I gladly accepted. During this time my opinion of the Ursulines changed again. Sister Gregory and Sister Joan of Arc were great principals. I also met, taught with, and became friends with a great number of sisters, especially Sisters Bernarda, Claudia and Margaret Manion. After I retired I started attending Mass at the Ursuline Center because of the time (I like to sleep in). That’s when I started to observe how caring, compassionate, and friendly the Ursulines are to everyone – residents and strangers alike. So when Sister Bernarda approached my husband and me asking if we would be interested in becoming associates, we told her we would think about it. And we did, for a whole year, before we said yes.

I must add that I stayed at St. Pat’s for 11 years and would probably have retired from there had I not gotten married and took 8 years off to be home with my children. It was a great place to work! I finished my career at Little Flower for 20 years, retiring in 2005, and subbing there for the next 12 years.